I need new shoes.

I need this clutch.

I need a new car.

I need to find this nail color.

Need. Need. Need.


What about our real needs?






When did we start mistaking want with need? And when will we stop to realize just how much we actually have?


Calling All College Students!


Lets be honest, we all hate them. I mean, who wakes up and thinks, hmm, you know what I want to do today? Relearn EVERYTHING I did over the past 15 weeks? Whoever that person is, I would love to meet them. Why? Because maybe they can teach me how to master this grueling activity with just an ounce of honor and dignity. I guess I should tell you all how I study, maybe I’m doing it totally wrong–or maybe its what everyone does, and there is some hope for me.


1- Calculating, and no, I don’t mean studying for math

  • I have spent more time than I would ever like to admit trying to calculate the absolute lowest grade I would have to earn on every assignment, quiz, exam, and final from now till the end of the semester in order to pull an A.

2- Read the book

  • I think this is where desperation REALLY kicks in. For God’s sake, that book has been sitting on my desk for 13 weeks, and I probably have only opened it 3 times–to put papers inside of it.

3- Email the professor, DUH!

  • Admit it, every single one of you has sent that begging for extra credit email. “Is there anything I can do to boost my grade?” yes, rewind back to week 1 and take things seriously from the get-go.


  • Ahhh the endless all-nighter. The coffee. The blasting music to keep you awake. The “Is anyone alive out there” 4 am tweet. The Red Bulls. The Monsters. The falling asleep on the library tabletop. The crying. The cursing. The swearing to never do this again. The slap happiness. The mood swings. The 4 inch deep bags under your eyes in the morning.

So someone please tell me, am I alone with this? Is there a better way to pull an A on finals? Or do we all go through the same routine–every semester–for four years?