Spring Back to Life

That first morning you wake up to birds chirping after a long, barren winter. It is perhaps one of the most foreign noises, but the familiarity of it all starts rushing back. A smile crawls across your face as you start to realize the winter is fading, and life is beginning once again. You look outside. Squirrels prance through unkept lawns. Birds glide effortlessly through the air. Grass is green. Trees are shades of pinks and white. Sky is blue. Clouds are fluffy and friendly, no longer gray and devious. That smile grows larger. You have an overwhelming sense of energy that just can’t be tamed by the thoughts of being indoors. Outside. You want to be outside. Smelling the dirt, feeling the breeze, basking in the sun, happily swatting insects away for the first time in what seems like ages. It all is so familiar. Being blissfully unaware of the fact that this all happened overnight. Somehow, during your deep slumber, everything came back to life. The bikers went back to their bike lanes. The runners went back to the sidewalks. The long boarders pulled their shorts back on. The children grabbed their basketballs and rushed outside. The smile grows to a full grin. Everything moves to an upbeat tune. The world is alive, and buzzing with joy. And the smiles, the smiles grow and grow.


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