Calling All College Students!


Lets be honest, we all hate them. I mean, who wakes up and thinks, hmm, you know what I want to do today? Relearn EVERYTHING I did over the past 15 weeks? Whoever that person is, I would love to meet them. Why? Because maybe they can teach me how to master this grueling activity with just an ounce of honor and dignity. I guess I should tell you all how I study, maybe I’m doing it totally wrong–or maybe its what everyone does, and there is some hope for me.


1- Calculating, and no, I don’t mean studying for math

  • I have spent more time than I would ever like to admit trying to calculate the absolute lowest grade I would have to earn on every assignment, quiz, exam, and final from now till the end of the semester in order to pull an A.

2- Read the book

  • I think this is where desperation REALLY kicks in. For God’s sake, that book has been sitting on my desk for 13 weeks, and I probably have only opened it 3 times–to put papers inside of it.

3- Email the professor, DUH!

  • Admit it, every single one of you has sent that begging for extra credit email. “Is there anything I can do to boost my grade?” yes, rewind back to week 1 and take things seriously from the get-go.


  • Ahhh the endless all-nighter. The coffee. The blasting music to keep you awake. The “Is anyone alive out there” 4 am tweet. The Red Bulls. The Monsters. The falling asleep on the library tabletop. The crying. The cursing. The swearing to never do this again. The slap happiness. The mood swings. The 4 inch deep bags under your eyes in the morning.

So someone please tell me, am I alone with this? Is there a better way to pull an A on finals? Or do we all go through the same routine–every semester–for four years?


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