Why We Shop? Great Question!


Ladies, at one point or another, each and every one of our high-heel-loving-sundress-buying-caridgan-obsessed selves have been asked by a man what on earth it is about shopping that we love oh so much. Well fellas, LET ME TELL YOU! We do not just casually walk up to an article of clothing and think “hmm, this is cool, I guess I’ll buy it” No. We build a trust with clothing– a relationship, if you will. We try them on, dissect ourselves from every angle, think about all the possible combinations we can create with this one article of clothing, send pictures to every brutally honest girlfriend that we have, and only then do we finally decide that we not only need it, but we LOVE it.

Now, it gets to be a bit more hectic, because like everything else women do, we complicate it. We go from one end of the mall to the complete opposite. Start off looking for belts and end up in shoes. Need an evening gown, walk out of Victoria’s Secret with $200 worth of bras and panties. Why? BECAUSE WE WANT IT ALL! We want the colors, the fabrics, the latest trends, the boots, the bags, the jewels, the textures, the flattering cuts, and do not get me started on designers! I would love to meet a woman who has seen a fabulous pair of Salvatore Ferragamo boots on sale and didn’t at least try them on! And if you haven’t tried on a Oscar De La Renta, you have definitely admired a gown from afar.

And you want to know why this all happens? We can’t explain it! We get caught up in the bright lights, 100-pound-model-looking sales associates, the mannequins, the feeling of fitting into this perfect world of clothing. You’re asking why again? Because we feel beautiful! We throw on a new outfit and think we can conquer any task (or man) that comes our way! And what’s even better? For as long as we walk those fluorescent-lit halls and see bright smiling sales girls ready to take our money, we feel powerful. We control them all. We tell them to make us phenomenal, and they do! They make us look like we walked right out of a magazine, and are preparing for the runway. From the first moment we walk into that store, until the moment we exit (after giving them a great commission) we hold all the power, and women, we love that!

So, ask us again why we love, love, love, LOVE to shop, and we’ll answer you in the best way we can– “I don’t know, we just do!”


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